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4 companies. 4 business areas. 1 high specialization in the construction field

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Moretti Interholz is a Moretti S.p.A. company. The holding of the Terra Moretti group, which has been in the construction industry for nearly fifty years. A brand that today is synonymous with authority in the field thanks to the important achieved targets and to the diversification of competences.

Actually, together with Moretti Interholz, 4 of the companies belonging to the holding have a high specialization in the construction field:

alongside glued laminated timber, Moretti Prefabbricati which deals with industrialised building, Moretti Contract with turnkey projects and Moretti Real Estate with real estate sales.

An integrated business, which means more competences, more synergies. More answers.

Vittorio Moretti

Many are the men and the women who have contributed to build up the personality of our group. To them and to our future partners we owe all our work.