New Confidant||Be The King||palace Game||Imperial story(Beta)||Android Gameplay Walkthrough

Be The King-Enjoy The Trip To Top||Imperial Fantasy Lord and Ladies||Mobile Gameplay

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New New ,hot & beautiful Confidants are Now available in the game with sweet & attractive voice.
Enjoy this gameplay with beautiful Confidants & Enjoy the Trip To Top.

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Be The King-Enjoy the trip to top||Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough

This the 23rd gameplay ,in this i got my favourite confidents.

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The Bribe||Be The King-Enjoy Trip To The Top||Android Gameplay-Walkthrough

BE THE KING||The Bribe||Part-7

In the part-7 gameplay, the new confidant “HAWANG JINI” comes.In further play the 3rd daughter of Xue got married with Chuck.
At last with heavy war we finally cleared the, THE BRIBE stage by defeating Huang Si.

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